A recent report by Ericsson shows that two-thirds of app data traffic over mobile networks comes from just five apps. Depending on the country, the five apps changed but overall it was clear that video streaming and social networking apps dominated countries around the world.

Facebook took home top ranking as the app that used the most data in each country studied. In the United States during December 2014, Netflix and YouTube rounded out the top three while South Korea had peer-to-peer TV app AfreecaTV and home-grown search portal NAVER.


The report also notes that total mobile video traffic over the next six years will be around 17 times greater than that of last six years. Some of the reasons given for the expected growth were an increased number of video-enabled devices, larger screens, and better picture quality.

Streaming services were also a big winner in this report. As has been reported previously by many, the numbers of people watching broadcast TV is decreasing while streaming services are seeing increased numbers. Ericsson found that 2015 is expected to be the first year in which more people will watch streamed on demand video than broadcast TV over a weekly period for a number of major markets.


Other notable findings include:

  • LTE technology achieved the highest quarterly additions with 110 million new mobile subscriptions.
  • In 2014, 800 million smartphone subscriptions were added worldwide taking the total number to 2.7 billion, up 40% from a total of 1.9 billion smartphone subscriptions in 2013.