Samsung is reportedly relaunching the Galaxy Note 7 in India on October 7 on the strength of a big-ticket marketing campaign meant to dispel the public’s negative perception of the handset.

Interestingly, Apple is also set to launch the iPhone 7 in the country on the same day, making for an interesting confrontation over the Indian market.

Galaxy Note 7’s planned rollout in Indian stores didn’t go through after Samsung moved to recall a huge number of Note 7 said to be plagued by a battery defect that caused handset to overheat and catch fire.

After announcing that replacements are now ready for shipment, Samsung appears all set to rekindle the Indian market’s longing for the device. The relaunch is supposed to hog the headlines in major print, digital and television outlets. But whether Samsung will succeed to win back the trust of consumers remains to be seen, especially after the company’s image was painted in a negative light by various bans and a lawsuit filed in Florida.

Delays of the Galaxy Note 7 relaunch in its home country also caused major headaches for Samsung, after the phone maker announced on Sunday that it had to put off the restart of Korean sales until October 1. Meanwhile, new stock of Galaxy Note 7 is expected to hit the European store shelves in November.

More than the aggressive advertising campaign, Samsung must also reassure consumers that its new batch of Galaxy Note 7 is safe. Will you buy the Galaxy Note 7 replacements set to reach your country? Let us know below.