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Logo: go, go! Droid Turbo 2's front-facing carrier branding can be removed...kind of

Pocketnow has a simple solution to the possibly unwanted Verizon branding on the front of the Droid Turbo 2, however it may negate ShatterShield protection.

Published onOctober 31, 2015


Motorola has truly pulled out all the stops with this year’s Droid Turbo 2. In addition to featuring several improvements and/or changes over the standard-affair Moto X Pure Edition (Moto X Style) such as an AMOLED display, the phone is fully customizable in Moto Maker and literally has over a thousand possible permutations.

The device itself has a very distinctive look, something made all the more noticable thanks to Verizon’s prominent placement of its infamous checkmark insignia. Thankfully, Pocketnow has found a way to remove it…kind of.

Essentially the “hack” or “mod” of sorts involves tampering with Motorola’s ShatterShield technology. Consisting of both a layer of polycarbonate and a layer of acrylic polymer on the outer-most of the five layers the display consists of, the trick is simply to remove the surface layer itself. Take a look at the results:

It should be noted that removing this layer of protection could have a detrimental effect on the ShatterSheild protection the phone comes with. While it is too early to say, it may ultimately void your warranty, thus we encourage a bit of careful consideration before making the big decision. As Pocketnow pointed out however, it is likely that the international variant, the Moto X Force, will have the same (unbranded) outer layer and thus replacements for it may be made available to swap on.

One other possibility, for those not interested in removing screen “surface” is simply to purchase a privacy filter or other type of tinted screen protector that would place a dark boarder around the bezel and thus hide the mark. Or just leave it as is and enjoy.

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For full coverage of the Droid Turbo 2, be sure to check out our announcement post here, and stay tuned for continued content of the new phone!

By the way…

You’d be surprised what comes off when push comes to shove…

For reference this isn’t the first time we’ve actually seen an OEM paste their pattern to plastic. Sony’s Xperia line has, for years, came with factory installed shatterproof screen protectors, many of which contain the company’s logo. The removal has been featured on various posts around the internet over the years, including this one.

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