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Back in the days before smartphones were made of metal and glass, plastic was the go-to material for most mobile devices. Aside from being more durable and more cheap, plastic made it easy for manufacturers to include removable backs on their phones. Removable backs meant removable batteries.

But as phone design started getting good, phones with removable batteries unfortunately became a thing of the past. Now, only the cheapest of the budget smartphones have removable batteries, such as the Moto E6 Plus, Nokia 2.2, and the Alcatel 1V.

Last week, we covered the launch of the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, Samsung’s mid-range rugged phone with a removable battery. We’ve seen a lot of interest in that story since it was published, so I wanted to dig a little deeper into why our readers are so interested in removable batteries. Cast your vote in the poll below, and be sure to let me know in the comments why (or why not) you’re so interested in this smartphone feature of the past.

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