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You told us: Most of you include 'Reddit' at the end of your search queries

It turns out that almost 70% of polled readers add 'Reddit' to their search results at least sometimes.

Published onFebruary 25, 2022

Reddit web search on phone
Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

A viral post has revealed that many people are adding ‘Reddit’ to their search queries, and it turned out that several Android Authority members are doing the same thing.

So we wanted to get a better idea of just how popular this practice is. Is it a niche practice or are way more people doing it than one might think? We posted a poll earlier this week and here’s what you said.

Do you include ‘Reddit’ at the end of your search queries?


Our poll accrued over 2,400 votes, giving us a good sample size to work with. And it turns out that over half of all respondents say they “sometimes” add ‘Reddit’ to the end of a web search. Comments suggest that this is most often used for reviews and other opinions.

Meanwhile, the second-most popular option was “no, a simple Google search works for me,” with almost 28% of the vote. Taking third place with almost 14% of the vote was the “yes, always” camp. Finally, only 2.6% of polled readers say they append another website to their search queries.

Either way, this means that almost 70% of respondents add ‘Reddit’ to their web searches on occasion. So it’s definitely a significant number of people that do so.


  • creeper82: For Reviews? Yes. Always add because I don’t want these annoying paid articles. I’m surprised there’s actually an Android authority post about that lol. I thought no one does that
  • Nox: Tons of useful info on Reddit even though you should take it with a grain of salt. I like that it has the upvote/downvote option so you can have at least some general pointers even though just because everyone thinks something is right does not make it right. It’s a good tool, when I want opinion from random people, it’s either YouTube or Reddit, on YT I often read comments.
  • Vincent Del Vecchio: If I’m looking for opinions or reviews on things I do, otherwise I usually don’t unless a search doesn’t result in useful results the first time around
  • LucidStrike: It’s more because many sites have removed comment sections — understandably — and so when I want to see DISCUSSION of something, I tend to look to Reddit.
  • Stanley Kubrick: Didn’t know I could? Phhhfff
  • Lcd1701: I think Reddit is a niche type of search when you may be looking for something either obscure that you can’t seem to find disaffected opinions on, or searching for something very specific, such as for gaming opinions or walkthrough help that doesn’t have an ad after every one or two paragraphs. That being said, you still very much have to take what you find in Reddit with a grain of salt.
  • zinfandel120: Usually, but I rarely go with the intention to add reddit. Until it’s one of the auto complete option and it makes me wonder if reddit has some substantial well known info on it or something. When I do however usually it is because I know what I’m searching will find a specific subreddit I’m looking for.

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