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(Update: "no mistakes") Wait, was that a Red Robin from Nextbit?

Nextbit went on Periscope today to talk about their web client beta, but the detail that has snagged the internet's eye is what appears to be a red Robin.
July 8, 2016
nextbit red robin

Update, July 8: Nextbit took to Twitter to tease the red Robin. Or at least that’s how we interpret this tweet. Let us know what you think:

“There are no mistakes. Only happy accidents.” – Our design process (sometimes) ?
— Nextbit (@nextbitsys) July 7, 2016

Original post, July 7: The Nextbit team just went live on Periscope earlier today to announce the Web Client Beta. And that’s cool and all, Nextbit, but was that a bright red Robin we just caught a glimpse of lying on a desk?

No official word yet on what this strikingly colored device was, but since the Nextbit Robin hasn’t been out for very long yet, we’re anticipating that it’s likely a new variant of the innovative cloud-based smartphone rather than some new device from Nextbit. Red would be a natural choice for a device named the Robin, after all.

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What are your thoughts regarding this glimpsed scarlet smartphone? Do you think this is a deliberate tease on the part of Nextbit, or an accidental reveal? In this era dominated by white, silver, and black, let us know your take on a red-colored smartphone in the comments below.