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Nextbit claims they will radically improve battery life… somehow

Nextbit has announced that they are going to innovate in the field of battery life, they just haven't explained how.

Published onJune 23, 2016

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We’ve gotta hand it to Nextbit. The company created a pretty innovate product with the Robin, a smartphone that eschews larger physical storage options in favor of a cloud-first design philosophy, and it’s looking like other leaders in the industry, including Apple and Google, are looking for ways to do similar things with the cloud in Nextbit’s wake. But today Nextbit made a pretty high claim. The company announced that they are going to radically innovate in the field of batteries.

For those not intimate with the field, this might seem like a pretty innocuous proposal. After all, our chips are getting smaller and smaller in accordance with Moore’s Law. Computing power is essentially doubling at a regular rate, and we’re seeing more and more powerful compact devices. But the problem is that battery technology is not experiencing this same developmental rate.

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No, lithium-ion battery tech is essentially at a standstill. Sure, minor improvements and size reduction techniques are making batteries slightly smaller and more efficient over time, but in the absence of a radical technological breakthrough, it looks like we’re stuck using the same relatively ancient technologies that we’re used to.

However, as our devices get more powerful, they also get more battery hungry. Right now the best solution people are finding is to create software that reduces battery consumption by better managing resources. Technology like this is a big part of Android N.

Nextbit hasn’t supplied any details regarding how they plan to do this.

Nextbit is claiming that they will be springboarding off the existing battery conservation capabilities of Android N to radically innovate in area of battery consumption. How? Well, Nextbit hasn’t supplied any details regarding how they plan to do this. They say details will be forthcoming. All we have is that they will “save your battery before it needs saving.” We look forward to finding out what exactly this entails.

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