Realme phones with quad cameras.

Realme has touted a 64MP quad-camera smartphone for months now, and the company has held an event to give us a look at the tech. But the Chinese brand has also confirmed that it’s embracing quad cameras across its product portfolio.

Realme announced that it’s bringing the tech to its mainline Realme phones, its Realme Pro devices, and the Realme X range. More specifically, it confirmed on Twitter that the upcoming Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro will offer quad cameras, alongside the unnamed 64MP quad camera phone.

It sounds like you shouldn’t expect the entry-level Realme C family to offer quad rear cameras then. But it’s understandable, given that even dual rear cameras are uncommon in low-end phones.

We don’t have exact details on-hand, but the manufacturer revealed that these quad camera phones would offer 2x telephoto lenses, and ultra-wide cameras.

Realme also noted that these phones would offer an “ultra resolution” mode (presumably a full-resolution or super-resolution mode), an “ultra macro” mode, and the usual Realme options (Nightscape, Chroma Boost).

The Chinese brand also had an update regarding its 64MP quad camera phone, saying it will be India’s first 64MP phone and that it’s launching before Diwali (set for October 27). Xiaomi has already confirmed that it’ll launch a 64MP smartphone in India, but it certainly seems like Realme isn’t wasting any time.

News of a 64MP phone is certainly intriguing, but the addition of quad cameras to mainline Realme phones might be even more noteworthy. Budget phones usually lack triple rear cameras, let alone quad cameras. And when we do see budget phones with triple rear shooters, they often lack telephoto lenses, which doesn’t seem to be the case for these devices.

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