Ever since OUYA launched back in 2013, the Android-based gaming console has had a tough time proving itself worthy in the video game industry. But the company’s financial woes may be over very soon, at least if a recent report proves true. According to CNET, Razer, the computer and accessories maker, is supposedly in talks to purchase OUYA. While the deal is not yet set in stone, CNET’s sources say, the two companies are discussing ways to bring OUYA’s staff onboard.

Back in 2012, OUYA raised roughly $8.6 million though a Kickstarter campaign to help bring to market its inexpensive Android micro-console complete with a library of free-to-try games. Once it launched to consumers in 2013, the console, video game library and controller accumulated a ton of poor reviews from the gaming industry. Then in January 2015, we got word that OUYA would potentially be sold to Alibaba for around $10 million, so we’ve known that times have been rough for the company for some time now.

Nothing is confirmed about the sale quite yet, but I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise anyone the deal ends up going through. We’ll be sure to let you know if we hear any confirmation.

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