Classic scrolling shooter fans rejoice! TAITO Corporation has finally gotten around to releasing RAYSTORM for Android, years after iOS users got the PlayStation/arcade port. Today you can have your share of airborne destruction for the “special price” of $7.99.

Yes, that is at a discount. The price will go up to $9.99 after the campaign ends. Is the game worth that amount of cash? To some of us melancholic gamers, it is. We have been known to pay this much (and more) for classic ports.

You can expect to see a near identical experience to the one we remember from the late 90s. Arcade Mode is literally the same game, but there is also Remix Mode now, which optimizes the experience for touch screen controls. The game does support MFi controllers, though, making it easier for the hard-core gamers to truly enjoy this classic title.

Gameplay itself hasn’t changed. You can pick between a couple ships:┬áR-GRAY1 and R-GRAY2. Each has its benefits, meeting different playing styles to suit your personal needs. You can also choose between auto and manual shooting modes. And with 8 levels of difficulty, we are sure you will keep yourself entertained for a while, which is good considering the game won’t be cheap!

Hit the Google Play Store to get RAYSTORM. Who is buying this one? Do you think it’s ok for companies to charge these prices for classic ports? It sure seems to be a trend.

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