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The Rabbit R1 might be (somehow) sketchier than first thought

The Rabbit R1 is supposedly powered by servers running advanced AI tech, but there's apparently no sign of it.

Published onMay 9, 2024

rabbit r1 home screen on table
Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • A trio of developers have claimed that the Rabbit R1 isn’t really powered by a so-called Large Action Model (LAM).
  • This contradicts Rabbit’s claims that it’s using an AI model on its servers to facilitate interactions on the gadget.
  • The developers also got Doom and Minecraft running on the Rabbit R1’s servers.

We’ve uncovered some pretty interesting information about the Rabbit R1 in recent days, such as the fact that it’s actually an Android app that can run on a standard Android phone. We were also able to confirm that the AI gadget runs Android.

Now, software developers @xyz3va, @schlizzawg, and @MarcelD505 have dug into the servers powering the Rabbit R1. One of the key findings is that the servers running the AI gadget’s interactions apparently aren’t running a Large Action Model (LAM) as previously claimed.

No LAM for the Rabbit R1?

Rabbit has been making a big deal about how the Rabbit R1 uses this so-called LAM to facilitate system and app interactions.

“The Large Action Model is the cornerstone of rabbit OS. LAM is a new type of foundation model that understands human intentions on computers. With LAM, rabbit OS understands what you say and gets things done,” reads a description on the official website. The company further claimed that the LAM can learn how you use apps and then mimic your behaviors accordingly.

However, @xyz3va scoured through the server’s code and claimed that “the LAM is also not an LAM.” She asserts that the company isn’t using AI to figure out app interactions but is instead using a “hardcoded list of locations” to tell the app where to click. This would contradict Rabbit’s claims that Rabbit OS and the Rabbit R1 use an LAM to handle interactions.

Getting games to run on the Rabbit R1 servers

The software developers also revealed that they actually got Doom to run on the servers powering the Rabbit R1’s interactions. Furthermore, the trio also managed to get Minecraft running on the AI gadget’s servers.

so, here’s everything we did to achieve this in action:
— xyzeva (@xyz3va) May 7, 2024

Performance isn’t great, with Doom, in particular, effectively resembling a slideshow. But this still suggests that the servers running the Rabbit R1’s interactions aren’t very secure.

Between previous revelations about the Rabbit R1’s software and this most recent claim that it isn’t really using AI for interactions, it’s hard to take the company’s various claims seriously. We’ve nevertheless asked Rabbit for comment on these allegations and will update the article if/when it gets back to us.

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