I certainly enjoy watching GoPro videos of my motorcycle rides, but that is probably just because they bring back awesome memories. The truth is though that my video quality tends to be pretty horrible, mostly due to shaky footage. Something has got to give, so LA-based company Noir Matter has put together what could be a great solution for action camera users.

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The Quark is a stabilizer for the popular GoPro action camera. But we’ve seen plenty of others like it already, right? There are heaps of options out there, so the company had to do some things differently to stand out.

For starters, it is pretty small, measuring only 31 x 67 x 76 mm (without the GoPro mounted). In addition, this stabilizer will adapt to all environments by featuring a waterproof and dustproof construction. This means the stabilizer can literally go wherever the GoPro camera goes.

It is also a breeze to install, as it literally becomes an extension to your existing camera and mounts. It uses the same standards GoPro brought to the market. It is light, simple and convenient. Not to mention the fact that it seems to work amazingly, featuring 360-degree rotation, roll stabilization and even moving timelapses.

You don’t have to worry about the thing dying quickly, either. The internal battery can handle about three hours on a single charge, which is about as long as most GoPros last.  

Excited for those awesome videos you are about to start shooting? Let’s talk money first. This thing is not the cheapest, but I was actually expecting it to cost more. The lowest offer on Indiegogo goes for $129, but those spots are taken. Now you can sign up for one by backing the project with as low as $145.

Who is getting one?

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