Where are the worthy crowdfunding tech gadgets? Count on us for finding those every weekend. You have more important things to worry about, like your family. And for those you can use Eta Clock, which is currently being featured on Kickstarter.

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The Eta Clock is not exactly a clock, in the sense that it doesn’t really tell you the time. Instead, what it does is show you where your family is. The piece has locations where the hour marks would be, as well as a plethora of hands that would each represent a specific loved one.

Sound familiar? The Weasly family magical clock will come to mind if you are a Harry Potter fan. This is pretty much a replication of it, but with more tech and less sorcery.

It’s a rather simple concept. The clock marks locations like Home, Friends, Out, Hospital, School, Transit, Abroad and more. Then there are 6 color-coded hands with different lengths, which you can assign to different friends or members of the family. The Eta Clock application in each phone then connects to DC Creatives’ servers, which sends each location to the Eta Clock.

The user simply has to use the app to assign locations. Some are done automatically. For example, there is a Lost option, which is activated if a phone doesn’t ping in for 5 days or more. In Transit will be activated if a person is moving over 3 mph, while Abroad will indicate…. well, if someone is outside his home country.

This is not only a cool gadget, it also happens to serve as great decoration for your home. It is a true work of art, made of wood, with engraved icons and a sealed finish. Hands are made of anodized aluminum, ensuring vibrant colors and durability.

Interested? This is a very handy and good-looking clock, which is why it’s not exactly cheap. Right now the starting price is set at $375 if you back the Kickstarter project. There were cheaper alternatives, but those spots have been taken. Don’t want the starting price to go up? Go ahead and get yours soon.