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What's better: PUBG or Fortnite? (Poll of the Week)

Both of these titles have their pros and cons, but we want to know your thoughts.
July 23, 2018
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Last week’s poll summary: Last week, we asked what your preferred virtual assistant voice is — female, male, or gender neutral. Roughly 60 percent of all voters said they prefer female voice assistants, and about 30 percent didn’t have a preference. Gender neutral and male voice assistants are among the least preferred, with both only garnering about 6-9 percent of the votes.

In the competitive world of battle royale games, there are two main players: PUBG and Fortnite. The problem is, both of these titles aren’t available on every gaming platform.

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PUBG art

If you’re a strict Android-only gamer, the best battle royale title out there is, of course, PUBG Mobile. But that’s because PUBG on Android doesn’t have any big name competition yet. There are plenty of copycat games, but none that really stand up to PUBG’s player base or feature set.

That might change sometime soon. Fortnite, which has amassed a huge following on consoles and PC, is launching on Android soon. Rumor has it the game will launch Tuesday, July 24 on the Google Play Store, though we have yet to receive a definitive release date from the game’s developer, Epic Games.

Both of these titles have their pros and cons, but we want to know your thoughts. Which is better: PUBG or Fortnite? Cast your vote in the poll below!