In the US, there are a number of wireless carriers to choose from for your mobile phone needs. One of the most well known MVNOs in the US is Google’s own Project Fi, but many potential customers might be worried about switching their service to something new. This week, Google posted a quiz that is supposed to help folks decide if Project Fi would be a good choice for their needs.

The quiz asks questions such as where you use your phone the most, how many people are on your plan, how much data you use, and what kind of phone you have. Based on your answers to those questions, the quiz will let you know if Project Fi will work well for you.

Of course, the biggest barrier to using Project Fi is the fact that you will need to have one of Google’s own Nexus or Pixel phones to access it. If you are unwilling to switch to one of those devices, then no amount of positive answers on this quiz will make you a good candidate for this service. If you are interesting in using one of Google’s phones, the end of this quiz has links to purchase one directly from the company, along with your Project Fi service.

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