Photo effects app Prisma‘s latest update introduces a new location-based feed and brings an end to one of its most frequently complained about features: the square box format restriction. The update was announced today in a press release, and is rolling out now, though the support for other image formats is only available on iOS currently.

Prisma’s new feed lets users share their artworks from within the app, however, they can only be viewed by people nearby (on their own feed). Every time a picture receives a ‘like,’ it widens the physical area in which the photo can be seen on others’ feeds.

“Theoretically, a user can post a picture, get likes and watch his or her post spread and cover the whole world,” wrote Prisma, in a statement.

Accompanying the removal of the previous format restrictions is a full-screen camera mode and an increase in the overall resolution of the images – now said to be double what it was previously. Prisma said the “free aspect ratio and a full-screen camera is only for iOS so far,” which suggests the format change could come to Android at some point in the future.

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