Hey you there, on the couch. You too can feel like an Olympic athlete, and you won’t even need to exercise any muscles besides those in your fingers. Just head over to BestBuy.com to buy the new “Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition,” available today for a lofty $840.

The Olympic-themed Galaxy S7 Edge features accents in the colors of the Olympic circles and custom themes and wallpapers that will make you feel like you’re in Rio.

12,500 athletes attending the Summer Games in Brazil will receive the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition as a gift. But you don’t need to be a sporting god in order to have it. Exactly 2016 units of the S7 Edge Olympic edition will be sold in each of the select countries where Samsung is making the device available, including Brazil, the United States, China, Germany and Korea.

In the US, Best Buy has the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition (32GB unlocked) on sale for $840. That’s $50 more than the regular unlocked model, but you do get a limited edition phone, plus a custom carrying pouch. Unlike the all-black Batman-themed Injustice edition, the Olympic edition does not come bundled with a VR headset.

Anyone here tempted by this phone?