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Pre-order an Unlocked LG V20 from B&H Photo October 2

Although arrival details still aren't available, it seems as though you'll be able to pre-order the LG V20 as early as this Sunday.

Published onSeptember 28, 2016

LG V20 review-14

Even though there’s not even an image available yet on the site, the product listing for the LG V20 has received a pre-order date on the B&H Photo website. Mark your calendar for this Sunday, October 2.

The device is already slated for a South Korean launch this week, but release dates for the rest of the world remain shrouded in mystery. However, the pre-order date looks like it’s just on the horizon. The variant we’re seeing here is the unlocked North American version with 64GB of storage space. No price is listed.

The LG V20 is noteworthy for a number of reasons. It has the esteem of being the first Android smartphone to launch running Nougat out of the box. It’s also a video machine that boasts some of the most robust camera technology that we’ve seen on a smartphone (Josh had a great time vlogging with it).

Vlogging with a smartphone: LG V20 Berlin edition

The V20 is also notable because LG has been in a bit of a slump. In the head-to-head combat that we saw earlier this year between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5, the G5 didn’t hold up so well in the long run. Remember all those cool modular “friends” that were going to come out for the G5? See any new ones lying around?

It didn’t help that Moto Z later pranced onto the scene with a far sleeker approach to modular that, in the eyes of many, made the G5 look clunky and gimmicky by comparison. The V20 ditches any gimmicks and goes straight for the jugular: raw specs. With dual cameras on the front and back as well as standard 2016 flagship level specs, this device could be LG’s chance to regain all important footing. Assuming it doesn’t explode or something.

What do you think of the LG V20? Will you be pre-ordering from B&H come this Sunday? Let us know in the comments below!

LG V20, G5, Note 7, S7 Edge: Display Showdown

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