LG V20 review-7

As Samsung is grappling with a major crisis, LG Electronics announced that its latest flagship, the V20, will hit South Korean shelves next week and U.S. and Hong Kong stores “soon after.”

But Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 battery crisis is not the major reason for LG Electronics’ high hopes for market success. The Korean phone maker is pinning its hope on the V20’s bumped-up features, which LG thinks will finally elevate its rank in the high-end market.

LG V20 is a phone for audiophiles and heavy media users, with high-end audio features including a 32-bit Hi-Fi quad DAC and advanced software controls over the listening experience. In South Korea (but not in the United States), the V20 will be bundled with a pair of earphones from Bang & Olufsen that is said to be similar to the H3 by B&O PLAY, a 280,000 won ($250) value.

With these features, the 5.7-inch device sure won’t come cheap. Beginning on Sept. 29, the LG V20 will hit store shelves with a price tag of 899,800 won ($804). That’s about 100,000 won ($90) more than the LG V10. For comparison, before the recall, Samsung was asking 989,800 (almost $900) won for the Galaxy Note 7.

While LG did not reveal any details about the V20’s availability in the United States, at least Americans can look forward to the possibility of buying it. Over the pond, the situation is murkier, as LG is not decided on launching the V20 in Europe.

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