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PornHub aims to be Netflix for porn with new subscription service and upcoming app

In addition to a subscription service, PornHub is now getting ready to release an official Android app.
August 7, 2015

Back in June we reported on PornTime, an Android app that was essentially Popcorn Time for pornos. At the time, many of our readers commented that it didn’t make as much sense as Popcorn Time, as there is plenty of free pornographic content on the web already and few people actually watch full-length porn movies these days.

Despite this, it seem that PornHub believes there really is a market for high-quality porn movies in 2015 and beyond, and has now announced a premium service that will charge $9.99 a month for access to over 13,000 full-length ad-free HD movies. In addition to the new service, PornHub is also launching an official Android app.

Not a lot of details have been released about the app, and it is unclear whether the app requires a subscription or will allow access to free content as well. Either way, it is pretty unlikely that the app will make its way to Google Play considering the content involved. That means it will have to be downloaded directly from PornHub, which could be seen as a security risk for those that prefer to get their apps solely from the Play Store.

With the push into app territory, and the accompanying premium service, PornHub is hoping to become the “Netflix of Porn”, but is there really a demand for such a service in a world where free porn is but a quick Google search away?