The Finnish company Polar has just announced its latest running watch, the M430, equipped with integrated GPS, a wrist-based heart rate monitor, and adaptive training guidance.

Polar is not new to fitness trackers and certainly not to heart rate monitoring technology, having been the first to develop a wireless heart rate monitor. Polar boasts a wide range of products from its Lifestyle devices to the Pro line of sports training technology, and its portfolio is expanding. The latest addition to the Sport family is the Polar M430, a running watch designed specifically for runners looking to maximize their training benefits.

On the outside, we see a familiar design language: a lightweight and breathable body that is waterproof. Inside we have integrated GPS as well as Polar’s proprietary wrist-based optical hear rate monitor with 6 LEDs. That’s because, unlike the M400, the standard M430 will come with a heart rate sensor included instead of as an additional add-on feature.

According to the company, what sets the M430 apart from its competition is its ability to take your running data and make it “actionable.” The Polar Running Program provides adaptive guidance for athletes during every stage of their training sessions by looking at their history and activity levels. Another Smart Coaching feature, Running Index, gives you an idea of how efficient your running is while Training Benefit outlines the benefits of each session.

If the company’s previous watches are any indication, we are looking at around 8 to 10 hours with GPS on.

Of course, Polar M430 users will also have access to Polar Flow, the company’s own social network where athletes can share their workout routines and watch strength and core training videos to improve their own efforts. Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear just how long the battery life will be though if the company’s previous watches are any indication, we are looking at around 8 to 10 hours with GPS on.

The Polar M430 is available for pre-order for $229 through the company’s official website. For more information, click here.