Pokémon Go Fest

Niantic Labs

Last year’s Pokémon Go Fest was a disaster, to put it mildly. Niantic’s festival, set in Grant Park, Chicago, was hit by cellular connection woes and organization issues.

Shortly after the event, the studio revealed that it would be refunding all tickets and giving $100 of virtual currency to affected Pokémon Go players. But that didn’t stop a class-action lawsuit anyway.

Now, TechCrunch reports that the suit is being settled by Niantic for the sum of roughly $1.5-million. The cash will be used to reimburse festival-goers for hotel accommodation, airfare, car rental and other costs incurred during their trip.

Breaking down the claims process

There are a few caveats though, as you’ll need to have checked in to the festival via the game. An understandable yet odd catch, given the whole “not-being-able-to-connect” thing. The report adds that those claiming more than $107 will need to provide receipts as well.

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Once all claims have been made and lawyers have been paid, any remaining cash will be donated to the Illinois Bar Foundation and the Chicago Run non-profit organization.

The publication reports that a website will be launched on May 25 to help with the settlement process.

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