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Pokémon Go's upcoming updates throw in 50 more Pokémon and a dynamic weather system

Pokémon Go's new features will be split into two updates, with one arriving later this week and the other arriving by the end of December.

Published onDecember 6, 2017

Pokémon Go might not be as popular as it was when it debuted over a year ago, but that did not stop the folks at Niantic Labs from announcing several updates to the game that will add more Pokémon from the Hoenn region, my personal favorite out of all the regions, and a dynamic weather system.

According to Niantic, new Pokémon like Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip will be among the 50 new creatures that will make their debut later this week. By the end of the month, Pokémon Go will receive another update that mirrors real-world weather patterns in the game, with weather patterns including sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy, partly cloudy, and windy.

Talking with The Verge, lead developer Matt Slemon said that having the two updates so close to each other is no coincidence — Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire were the first in the series to introduce a dynamic weather system and had it influence battles. That’s why, for Pokémon Go, more Lotad or Mudkip might show up when it rains, for example, or why fire-based attacks will be more powerful when it is sunny outside.

Said Slemon on some of the additions:

We don’t have any Pokémon that will only show up in a given weather condition. But there are some Pokémon who care a lot about their weather conditions, so you can expect Lotad to show up in really large numbers when it’s raining outside.
But if you live in an area where it doesn’t really have that much rain, you might still see a Lotad wandering through your habitat.

At the same time, Slemon says the idea is to positively impact Pokémon and not to penalize players with the changes. For example, even though it might be sunny outside, your ice-based attacks will not be weaker if you decide that day to challenge the closest Gym.

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As previously mentioned, the new Pokémon will arrive by the end of this week. Personally, I’m really looking forward to capturing Mudkip, but let us know in the comments which Pokémon you are looking forward to catch.