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Love music? Love Plex? With ChatGPT powerup, Plexamp becomes a personal DJ.

This is a great way to incorporate ChatGPT into a music player, but there is one giant caveat.

Published onMay 3, 2023

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
  • Plexamp has a new feature called Sonic Sage powered by ChatGPT.
  • Sonic Sage works with your Tidal account to create playlists using natural language prompts.
  • You’ll need Plex Pass, a Tidal account, and an Open AI account for this to work.

ChatGPT is already proving useful for a variety of tasks. When it comes to music, you can already ask it for lists of artists that sound like other artists, lists of songs that incorporate certain themes, and much more. Now, though, ChatGPT is getting baked right into a music player.

Plex’s standalone music app called Plexamp has a new feature called Sonic Sage. Powered by ChatGPT, Sonic Sage creates playlists for you based on natural language prompts. For example, you could ask for “upbeat songs to get me through finals week” or “Coachella vibes,” and Sonic Sage will create a playlist for you in seconds.

Check out this feature in action with the screenshots below:

Plexamp Sonic Sage: So many caveats

Unfortunately, Sonic Sage requires quite a few things from the user to work.

First, to use Plexamp at all, you need to be a Plex Pass subscriber. If you run your own Plex server or frequently access friends’ servers, you might already have a lifetime subscription. If not, though, you’ll need to sign up for a monthly, annual, or lifetime pass to gain access to the music player.

Next, you’ll need a Tidal subscription. For ChatGPT to connect the lists of songs it creates with those actual songs, it needs a universal repository it knows and understands. Therefore, your own collection in Plex or your friend’s Plex music stash isn’t going to work here. Since Tidal integrates with Plexamp, it’s your only option.

Finally, you need an Open AI account. You don’t need to pay for one, but you’ll need Open AI credentials to access ChatGPT within Sonic Sage.

Assuming you meet this exhaustive list of necessities, you can get started with Sonic Sage right in the Plexamp app. Just head to Settings > Advanced > Sonic Sage to get started.

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