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Plex adds TIDAL support and exclusive subscription offer

The media streaming service will get access to TIDAL's 60 million songs, as well as offer some exclusive features.

Published onNovember 29, 2018

A person using Plex to stream TIDAL.
  • Plex has announced support for music streaming service TIDAL. 
  • The media streaming service will get access to TIDAL’s 60 million songs as well as offer some exclusive features.
  • Plex is also rolling out a new offer combining Plex Pass and TIDAL subscriptions.

Media service Plex is rolling out support for music service TIDAL. Plex will get TIDAL’s entire music catalog — 60 million tracks — and more than 244,000 videos from the start, as well an exclusive subscription offer.

Fans of either service can now subscribe to them together in one package. TIDAL starts at $9.99 per month, but Plex Pass subscribers will be able to access it for $8.99 per month, according to a press release we received via email.

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Plex Pass, the premium version of Plex, costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 for a year or $119.99 for a lifetime subscription. This would work out at a saving of $1 per month if you subscribe to both services together. I’ve reached out Plex to confirm this is correct.

(Update: 11/29/2018, 9:16AM ET: It is correct, though there are other offers Plex offer TIDAL fans can take advantage of — new users can sign up for TIDAL HiFi (the premium audio subscription) for $19.99 and get Plex Pass included. This saves you $4.99 per month on the regular price. You can also get TIDAL Hifi as an add-on to Plex Pass subscribers for $18.99. You should be able to find out more details here shortly.).

TIDAL will soon be accessible within the Plex app — it’s rolling out in stages so might not be there for everyone right away — and will arrive with the following features (straight from Plex’s press release): 

  • Artist Recommendations: On the artist page, Plex will recommend other artists you might like that aren’t in your library.
  • Filling in Missing Albums: Plex will show you any missing albums from artists in your library.
  • Augmented Artist Radio: Enhances the Plex artist radio feature, which generates a mix from a specific artist, to include tracks from TIDAL.
  • New Releases: New album release recommendations for artists in your library.
  • Universal Playlists: Mix and match from your own library, shared libraries, and TIDAL.
  • Universal Search: Hear about a new band? Our apps now return TIDAL results alongside matches from your library, for maximum convenience.
  • Discovery Radio: Helps you discover new gems, from artists that are not in your library, based on the bands that are.
  • Music Videos: Users will be able to enjoy TIDAL’s incredible 244,000+ music video collection across all of the Plex mobile and TV apps.

For those who aren’t aware, Plex is a streaming service and media library that collects your music, movies, TV shows, and more in one place for streaming to multiple devices. It also includes third-party channels, app support (like TIDAL), and many other features.

It has expanded significantly this year with Plex Web Shows and Plex Podcasts and even comes with its own recommendation and discovery system to help you find better content.

If you’re interested in TIDAL, Plex Pass users can also sign up for a free, 30-day trial here to test it out. If you just want to try out the free Plex Android app, you can do so at the button below — it’s pretty full featured. You can check out the main difference between the free and paid versions of Plex here.