According to the latest rumor, this year’s Pixel XL – presumably called the Pixel XL 2 – will feature an always-on OLED screen, squeezable frame that works even when the screen is off, and at least two display settings.

As we approach the end of summer, we are seeing more and more rumors surrounding Google’s upcoming flagship duo. Replacing last year’s controversial but cherished Pixel and Pixel XL, this year’s models – codenamed Muskie and Taimen – will reportedly bring a more refined design as well as improved specs. Thanks to Android Police, we already got a glimpse of an alleged render of the Pixel XL 2, sporting a 2:1 aspect ratio display and a brand-new camera sensor. In the same article, the online publication claimed that the Pixel XL 2 would have a squeezable frame, not unlike the one found inside the HTC U11. Well, according to the information that XDA-Developers obtained, this is indeed true, and it’s not the only new software feature coming to the Pixel phones this year.

The squeezable shortcut feature will work whether the screen is on or off, allowing you to summon Google Assistant without having to wake up your device.

XDA-Developers claims that previous reports which stated that the Pixel XL 2 would launch with a squeezable frame are accurate. It adds that this shortcut feature will work whether the screen is on or off, allowing you to summon Google Assistant without having to wake up your device. Not a fan of Assistant? No worries, Google apparently has “plans on adding extra functionality” though it’s unclear whether that’ll be available from the get-go or added later on. The squeezing intensity threshold will be fully adjustable, the website assures.

Another feature that is said to be launching with the Pixel XL 2 (and presumably the regular Pixel 2 as well) is an Always On Ambient Display mode. Just a week ago, we told you that the search giant could be testing this feature for future Android O releases, and it looks like the company might have finally decided to make full use of the displays that will grace the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, which we can safely assume will be OLED.

XDA-Developers says that the sRGB mode, which you might be familiar with if you’ve used a Nexus phone in the past, will now be under normal display settings instead of Developer Options. Google will also offer at least one other mode called “Vivid Colors.” In addition to these, if the information turns out to be true, Android O could bring an octopus in the ocean as its easter egg and revert the system UI’s color palette to the darker theme that we saw from earlier Developer previews.

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Brian Reigh

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