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You told us: You're far from content with current phone case options

Not quite everyone agrees, though, particularly those in the comments.

Published onNovember 4, 2021

Pixel 4 in clear MNML case standing upright against brick
Pixel 4 in clear MNML

Expensive modern flagships pack premium materials, statement designs, and flashy colorways, so hiding all this behind a phone case seems a shame. However, shouldn’t phone case makers give smartphone owners more options to match these pricey devices?

It’s a question our Rita El Khoury tackled in a recent opinion piece. But we also wanted to know your thoughts by posing this question: Are you satisfied with currently available case options? The poll results are now in!

Are you satisfied with currently available case options?


This was a hugely popular poll raking in over 7,800 votes since it went live on October 31. More than three-quarters (75.5%) of respondents are not satisfied with the current range of case options available to them. Only 18.2% of respondents claim that they’re happy with the phone case options available to them.

While the results are telling, the comments are even more illuminating. Several readers argue that the onus is on smartphone makers to craft hardier phones rather than phone case makers offering smarter designs. Others say that if users want to showcase their phone’s design, they can use a transparent case. There are some utterly content with a simple phone case, as they put functionality above aesthetics.

We’re only brushing the surface here, though. There were plenty of detailed comments on this poll arguing several alternative views, so be sure to peruse some picks below.

Your comments

  • Ross Noir: How about manufacturing a product that doesn’t require a case? We are the consumers here and we should get a product with protection built in.
  • M Pinkerton: Exactly! What’s the point of a nice-looking phone if you can’t even see it or touch it? I don’t get why manufacturers still use fragile “premium” materials that break if you look at them wrong.
  • Ed Young: 1000 dollar phones should not need cases.
  • Suzanna Hartman: Why don’t they make $1,000 phones that don’t need an aftermarket case? Why not build the phone shell with materials that protect the phone?
  • Matthew Urso: Stop making these damn things out of glass. Obviously, the screen needs it, but if I’m going to put the thing in a case anyway, is rather polycarbonate.
  • Stefan Magnusson: For me, I really like a case that protects the phone, but most of all I want grip. Hate slippery cases.
  • Mister S: TPU cases are nice. Until they get yellow.
  • Zoide: For me, the problem with phone cases is that they are absurdly expensive. There is no way that a case is worth $20-$30 when they’re mostly just a piece of plastic. The no-name ones cost $1-$2 on places like AliExpress.
  • notStanley: My phone is a tool, not a fashion accessory. I get the darkest quiet color in both phone & case, nothing to show off or attract attention.
  • Sarah Price: Functionality for me is the thing about cases I hate. I want a case that can withstand my clumsy, give me a stretchy pocket to hold my cards and IDs so I don’t ever have to use a purse again, look amazing and allow for wireless charging. Is that too much to ask? Oh and include the best screen protector out there. It’s like asking for pockets in women’s clothes, ain’t gonna happen until the aliens take us over.
  • Andrew May: Fantastic article. Many comments saying phones should be stronger — yes they should — but I don’t see that happening any time soon. I actually tried to find a high-end phone case for my new Pixel 6 Pro but none exist. I wouldn’t buy a nice sports car and stick cheap tires on it. I don’t want a cheap case on my nice phone either! But it’s hard to find one. If any premium cases exist for Pixel 6 Pro let me know.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. If you have any further thoughts about phone cases or the results of this poll, drop a comment below.

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