The Google Allo chat client may have gotten just a little bit more useful, when you combine it with the Google Assistant voice-controlled AI. A recently launched server-side update now allows users to share personal information and data with others on Allo, via commands from Google Assistant. Since the only smartphones that officially support Google Assistant are the Pixel and Pixel XL (at least at the moment), this new feature for the Allo app will obviously be limited to a select user base.

Google Allo vs. iMessage
Google Allo vs. iMessage: Which one does it best?

You can already bring Google Assistant into an Allo conversation by typing in “@google” and then tapping on “@google” in that chat. You can then either say or type in a question for Google Assistant to answer in Allo. In this new update, after you enable Google Assistant in Allo, you can then ask it more personal questions such as, “What’s my schedule for tomorrow?” or “When are my hotel reservations?” Once the information you see pops up in your Allo chat, you can then make the choice to share it or not to share it with the person on the other end of the chat conversation.

This new feature may seem small but if you are a person on the go, with a lot on your plate, this could serve as a nice shortcut to inform others about your plans. If you are on a business trip, you can quickly share your schedule with anyone who you think might need to know your itinerary. If you simply wanted to send someone contact information for yourself or someone else, this feature should make that process faster, in theory, rather than typing it out on your keyboard.

Again, you make the choice of sharing that information with whomever is on the other end of the Allo chat, so there should be no worries about Google Assistant sending that information out before you are ready. If you own a Pixel or Pixel XL, what do you think of this latest new feature with Allo and Google Assistant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!