periscope 3

Periscope has been all the hype, with over 100 million broadcasts created since launch. This makes it all that more shocking that Twitter’s live video streaming service hasn’t been fully integrated to the social network. So far Twitter has pretty much served as a middle man that offers a link to Periscope’s own site/app. This changes today… at least for many of you.

The Periscope team has just announced that true integration has come to Twitter. Now users can watch and interact with Periscope videos straight from Twitter, as opposed to just clicking through to another app or website. The broadcast will auto-play straight from the Tweet, and going full screen is as easy as tapping on the video.


Once full-screen, one can easily get access to all the hearts and comments from other users, negating the need for the official Periscope app (at least for the main functions).

So, when can you get started watching your favorite live streams from the Twitter app? Sadly, the new feature is currently only available for iOS users. Apple users will be able to enjoy Periscope integration from Twitter “over the next few days”. Meanwhile, us Android and web users will see it “as soon as it’s ready”. That could be very soon… or not. Let’s just hope it is, shall we?

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But please do hit the comments and tell us how you feel about Periscope integration on Twitter. Are you as excited about it as I am? Do you care? Will you continue using the dedicated app? Regardless, you know you can find us there. We try to keep it alive with great content, such as unboxings and live coverage from events.