Pebble Time Steel Gold

It may be a little later than planned, but the Pebble Time Steel, that’s the metal version of Pebble’s latest smartwatch, will begin shipping out to customers in the first week of August. However, there are some delivery delays for those who ordered the steel band too.

Originally, Pebble planned to include the steel band and smartwatch in a single shipment. However, manufacturing delays with the band mean that Pebble will ship the two separately, in order to get the watch into customer hands as soon as possible.

Disappointingly, it sounds like the metal wristbands won’t be available until at least the end of September. To help make things right, Pebble will be swallowing the extra shipping costs and will begin putting everything in a single package should availability improve. The Pebble Time Steel ships with a leather strap in the box anyway, so customers will still be able to wear their watch once it arrives.

The initial batch of Pebble Time Steel smartwatches left the factory on July 27th and the first wave of customers should begin receiving their shipping information next week. Keep an eye out for that email.

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