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If you own a Pebble Time smartwatch and use it with an Android device, you’ll be happy to hear that the Pebble Time companion application is getting a new update that will make notifications much better on your watch.

In its version 3.3 update, the app will now allow you to act on notifications that have yet to be dismissed from your paired device through a new notifications app. Additionally, notifications that you act on or dismiss from your paired phone will now dismiss on your Pebble. There are also a few bug fixes and stability improvements that come along with this update.

If you’re interested, here’s the full changelog for the version 3.3 update:

  • Notifications app: In addition to notification history, you can now act on notifications that have not yet been dismissed from your paired device.
  • Notification Sync: Notifications you act on or dismiss from your paired phone will automatically dismiss from your Pebble.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements to version 3.2.0.

Version 3.3 of the Pebble Time app is now available for download from the Play Store, so head to the link below to grab the latest version.