Nvidia Shield owners have the chance to be among the first people to play what’s being billed as a fourth-person experience, now that 2D puzzler Pavilion has made its first stop in its multi-platform launch.

It was supposed to launch on PlayStation 4 roughly two years ago, but now it appears Sony’s latest games console will be one of the last stops on Pavilion’s grossly late launch. Now that’s it’s finally here, it’s launching exclusively on the Shield platform for a full week before moving on to Steam and Humble Bundle. From there it launch on PS4 , PS Vita and Android mobile devices.

Nvidia Shield

So what’s a fourth-person game? Developer Visiontrick’s definition of it entails you, represented in game by a ghostly orb, manipulating the game world to control a character. And there are no tutorials, instructions or prompts on how to do that exactly — you just have to fiddle with it until something works out.

Beyond your supernatural presence in the game, Pavilion is enchanted by surreal art and a haunting score. The developer describes the game world as a fusion of fantasy and reality, a realm unknown to you or the player character. By figuring out the puzzle and delving deeper into the game, Pavilion will attempt to tell its story without having to fall back on narrative. For those in the “games as art” crowd, this one might worth a play through. It’s going for $10 on the Play Store now.

What’s out now is chapter one of two. Pavilion’s second chapter is expected to launch some time next year.

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