An image of the new 2018 Verizon Palm phone in the left hand of basketball player Stephen Curry.
  • The tiny new Palm phone will hit Verizon shelves on November 2 for $350.
  • The device must be connected to a Verizon line with an existing “primary” smartphone.
  • If you sign a new two-year agreement, you can nab the device for $300.

The tiny new Palm phone — which doesn’t have much to do with the original Palm at all — will hit Verizon shelves on November 2. The small companion phone will set you back $350, which you can spread out over 24 months at $14.58 per month.

If you really love Verizon and sign a new two-year contract with Big Red, you can nab the phone for a slight discount at $300 outright.

However, keep in mind the Palm phone is really like a “sister” phone, in that you can’t buy the device and attach a new phone number to it — or port in an existing number. The device needs to be paired (by Verizon) with a “real” smartphone already attached to a Verizon account, which means the Palm phone and your primary device will have the same phone number.

A promotional image of the 2018 Verizon Palm phone.
The tiny Palm phone wants to be your current phone's little sister

If this has you scratching your head, it’s because the Palm phone is meant to be a secondary phone you bring with you when you don’t want to bring your main phone, for whatever reason.

The Palm phone runs on Android with a unique launcher to accommodate the device’s small size. It comes in two colors — Titanium and Gold — and already has a suite of accessories available, including cases from Kate Spade and high-end sleeves from Granite.

Those of you on Verizon Unlimited will receive six months of Apple Music free when you buy a Palm phone. The subscription price will kick in after the six months are over at $10 per month, unless you cancel.

You can visit a Verizon shop on November 2 to try it out, or you can click the button below to sign up on a mailing list to be notified when the Palm device will be available for pre-order.