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The future is mobile. There’s no question about that. And the myriad tiny engines that run the mobile world are apps. Now, apps are generally designed to do a limited set of tasks really well. We don’t want Swiss Army Apps; we want sniper rifle apps that know their limitations and kick butt in their strengths. But since we use such a wide variety of apps on the regular, sometimes details can slip between the cracks, and that’s why Outlook is seeking to set itself up as a kind of app-unifier: a go-to hub that lets you keep track of all the things on your itinerary.

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The newest set of integrations that Outlook is bringing to the table involve everyone’s favorite notekeeping app Evernote, the ubiquitous social medium Facebook, and to-do champion Wunderlist. The idea is to take all these discrete locations where you manage your daily life and organize them seamlessly on one easy-to-read calendar. Friends birthdays and events from Facebook all show up, as do any reminders you set for yourself in Evernote. To-do lists on Wunderlist show up with due dates and times. Really, it’s a pretty natural fit for Outlook Calendar. You can keep managing your future tasks using the apps that you’re comfortable with, but when you want a broad overview of your week, all you have to do is pull up your calendar, and it’s all right there.


What do you think of Outlook Calendar’s recent Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist integration? Welcome additions to an already competent app, or do you prefer a different calendar manager? Let us know the apps you use to organize your week in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Android Authority for all the latest news on the services you use on the regular!

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