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New OtterBox Gaming line includes Xbox controller grips, smartphone clips, more

Right now, it's all focused on Xbox controllers and smartphones, but other systems could be on the way.

Published onJanuary 11, 2021

OtterBox Gaming Full Kit
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
  • Today, OtterBox introduced a new line called the OtterBox Gaming series.
  • So far, it includes accessories for smartphones and Xbox controllers.
  • Most of the products will be available for pre-order this month with wide rollouts beginning in February.

For years, OtterBox has been synonymous with rugged smartphone cases. While that will continue to be the company’s bread-and-butter, it announced an expansion today at CES 2021.

Now, there is a new OtterBox Gaming line that will help mobile gamers both protect their gear and be more comfortable while gaming. At the moment, all the new products center on either smartphones or Xbox controllers.

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In the future, it’s possible the new gaming division will offer accessories for PlayStation controllers and create partnerships with other companies.

Here are all the products OtterBox gaming revealed today!

OtterBox Gaming: Easy Grip Controller Shell

OtterBox Gaming Controller GRip Front
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

If you own an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S controller, you can now protect it with a stylish grip cover. The OtterBox Gaming Easy Grip Controller Shell comes in Galactic Dream (purple with green accents), Dark Web (black with gray accents), and Dreamscape (dark gray with light gray accents). For the Galactic Dream model, the green highlights glow in the dark, which is a nice touch.

The cover material is anti-microbial, which should prevent it from becoming a germ factory via your sweaty palms. The sides of the grip are removable, too. This should allow you to give them a scrub if they do get disgusting.

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If you’re not fond of the grip panels, there’s a second set in the box with a different texture. This will give you some degree of control over how the cover feels in your hands while playing.

Unfortunately, the Easy Grip Controller Shell is currently unavailable for non-Xbox controllers. It also does not work with the Elite series of Xbox controllers. It will set you back $39.95.

OtterBox Gaming: Mobile Clip

OtterBox Gaming Smartphone Clamp In Hand
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

For truly comfortable mobile gaming, a snap-on smartphone clip for your controller is a necessity. OtterBox has a new design that it hopes will win you over from the dozens of competitors out there.

The OtterBox Gaming Mobile Clip does what you expect: it snaps onto an Xbox controller, giving you the ability to dock your phone into it for an all-in-one gaming experience.

There are three major aspects of this clip that sets it apart from the pack. The first is how low it folds up when not in use. You can see in the image above how it keeps a low profile when you break it down.

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The second is that the arm mechanism that attaches the system to the controller has a flap you can pull up and snap down to lock the arm in place. This is a step up from the usual crank-and-lock systems we see on competitor devices. With this, you can quickly adjust your view of your phone and get right back to gaming.

Finally, the claw that holds onto your smartphone has three slim prongs. This should prevent the claw from accidentally hitting one of the side buttons on your phone. You can position your device as you see fit and still have a secure hold.

The Mobile Clip costs $29.95 and will work on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and even Xbox Elite controllers.

OtterBox Gaming: Carry Case

OtterBox Gaming Carry Case 1
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

With the smartphone clip and controller grip cover already mentioned, you’re going to have a pretty bulky piece of kit. OtterBox has you covered there, as another new product on offer is the OtterBox Gaming Carry Case.

As one would expect, the case fits an Xbox controller. That includes the One, Series X/S, and Elite models. However, it also works with the previously mentioned smartphone clip and controller grip attached. This prevents the hassle of assembling and disassembling your controller kit when you move from one place to another.

It seems like this is just a controller case, but there are some nifty tricks up its sleeve.

Ah, but what if you need to charge your controller? You’ll need to take it out of the case, right? OtterBox doesn’t think you should need to, so it put a cable pass-through on the back. Just pop your cable right through the back of the case and charge away.

As an added bonus, the top of the Carry Case pops up to make a smartphone stand. That way, if you don’t have a smartphone clip, you can use the case as a prop for your phone while out on the road. Not bad! The Carry Case will cost $44.95.

OtterBox Gaming: Easy Grip Gaming Case

OtterBox Gaming Easy Grip Gaming Case

As mentioned earlier, OtterBox’s bread-and-butter is smartphone cases. Now, though, the company has created a case that is specifically geared towards gaming. It calls it the OtterBox Easy Grip Gaming Case.

The case offers all the usual features one would expect: MIL-STD-810G drop protection, access to all ports and buttons, anti-microbial material, etc. However, there are two specific features of the case that gamers will appreciate.

The gaming-centric case helps dissipate heat and has ergonomic sides for better grip support.

The first is the anti-slip grip edges. Made of a slightly softer material, the edges of your phone should rest comfortably in your hands during long play sessions.

The second feature is what OtterBox Gaming calls “CoolVergence.” It’s essentially an internal shield inside the case that helps dissipate heat.

Unfortunately, OtterBox’s launch of these cases only includes iPhones. However, Android phones are on the way, although the company would not commit to which phones or when. Whenever it does land, it will cost $54.95.

OtterBox Gaming: Glass Privacy Guard

OtterBox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard

Finally, OtterBox is launching a new privacy guard screen for phones. Like any other screen protector, it will offer scratch and drop resistance to prevent your phone’s display from getting damaged.

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It also offers a privacy guard, which prevents people from looking over your shoulder and being able to see what’s on your screen. However, with the way this technology works it usually only hides things when the phone is in portrait mode. The OtterBox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard works better in landscape mode, which should help prevent your friends from seeing where you are on the map.

The screen protector will set you back $49.95.

Pricing and availability

All the products listed on this page will be available to pre-order starting January 25, 2021. They will start to ship in mid-February and start to hit general sales around that same time.

Here’s a quick recap of the prices of each product:

  • $29.95 — Mobile Gaming Clip
  • $44.95 — Gaming Carry Case
  • $39.95 — Easy Grip Controller Shell
  • $54.95 — Easy Grip Gaming Case
  • $49.95 — Gaming Glass Privacy Guard

You can grab any of these products from Some of them will also be available from The Microsoft Store, GameStop, and

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