Introduced today in Beijing, the Oppo Find 7 is a serious contender to the title of best Android device of the moment, and its camera is a strong argument in its favor.

From a tech specs perspective, the rear camera on the Find 7 features a 13MP Sony Exmor RS (Stacked CMOS) IMX214 sensor, a six-part lens with f/2.0 aperture, and Oppo’s Pure Image 2.0 image processor. Thanks to this setup and the powerful Snapdragon 801 processor ticking inside it, the Find 7 is capable of full size in-camera HDR processing, 4000 by 2000 pixels recording at 30fps, 1080p recording at 60fps, and 720p recording at 120fps.

But the coolest trick in the Find 7 camera’s toolkit is probably the Super Zoom feature. When Super Zoom is on, pressing the shutter button takes ten shots in quick succession, of which the software selects the four best and combines in one image measuring 6120 x 8160 or about 50MP. Of course, it’s not size that’s important here, but detail levels.

Below are shots taken with the Oppo Find 7 in Super Zoom mode, along with 100% crops of certain areas to highlight detail levels. As you can see for yourself, the results are impressive, especially considering this is a software-based feature. Of course, all the camera components play an important role, and Oppo deserves to be commended for bringing everything together.

Our 50MP shots weigh between 15MB and 20MB. Click to enlarge images or download full size from the provided links.

Details of the engraving part are excellent in this pic. Open full size.

Oppo Find 7 50MP Samples-20140105013718
ring full crop 1


At full crop, people in one of the courtyards in the center of the image are clearly visible. Open full size.

Oppo Find 7 50MP Samples-20140105013841
landscape full crop 1


A shot taken in unfavorable light conditions. Open full size.

Oppo Find 7 50MP Samples-20140105014644
silhouette full crop 1


Good details, although not super clear. Open full size.

Oppo Find 7 50MP Samples-20140105014616 1
tea 1 full crop 1


Minute specks are visible on the purple box. Open full size.

Oppo Find 7 50MP Samples-20140105014631 1
tea 2 full crop 1

So, there you have it. Super Zoom is clearly more than a gimmick, but is it enough to position Oppo’s new flagship at the head of the camera race? What do you think of these shots?