OPPO F series poster

OPPO is no stranger to unique and impressive camera features, but up until now, this functionality was reserved for OPPO’s high-end N and Find series. That changes with today’s announcement of F series, a new line of smartphones that marry mid-range specifications with premium cameras.

The F series will be fully unveiled this month. For now, there are no almost any official details to talk about, though OPPO did give us a glimpse at the first phone in the series with the teaser image above. The OPPO F1 sports what looks to be a metallic build and a rather slim profile.

“The F series will inherit the excellent camera performance and exquisite design tradition that have earned accolades for OPPO’s flagship series,” said Sky Li, OPPO Vice President.

The wording suggests that the OPPO F series will address the booming mid-range market. The press release goes on to promise that you will be doing “double takes on the excellent specs and build quality” of the devices. We should find out what this means very soon, as the OPPO F1 is set to launch in global markets by the end of the month.

Will we see the new OPPO F1 at CES this week? We sure hope so, but it’s entirely possible that OPPO is simply trying to ride the wave of attention that is generated by the world’s biggest consumer electronics show. Either way, Android Authority will be in Vegas to bring you the lowdown.

Does the world need another photography-focused series? Let us know your thoughts.


Shenzhen, Jan. 4, 2016 – Cementing its status as a premier brand for outstanding smartphone photography, OPPO announced plans to introduce a new product series that will make photography its central focus. The F series is rooted in a growing global demand for premium-quality mobile photography experiences, and in research that has indicated a strong consumer recognition that “OPPO shoots great photos”. The F series will be a core product series for OPPO in 2016.

According to Mr. Sky Li, OPPO Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business, the F series will inherit the excellent camera performance and exquisite design tradition that have earned accolades for OPPO’s flagship series. The series will bring devices with impressive specs, eye-catching style and amazing prices that will have consumers doing double takes on the excellent specs and build quality.

“We are very excited to introduce the F series, which will allow an even wider range of users from all around the world to experience OPPO’s outstanding photography technology,” said Li.

Meanwhile, OPPO will keep innovating its unique flagship devices to satisfy the continued demand for devices on the vanguard of technology.

The first product of the new F series is called the F1. It is set to launch in a wide range of OPPO’s global markets this January.


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