Opera Max screenshot

Opera Mini is one of the best browsers available in the Google Play Store, and today it’s getting a big update that will definitely improve your browsing experience on mobile.

Perhaps the biggest news here is that Opera Mini is getting improved language support. What does that mean? In previous versions of Opera Mini, the user interface language was set according to the language on Android itself. Now the Opera team has added in the ability to choose from a list of 90 installed languages, which should definitely help folks around the world browse much faster. Many countries, including India, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa, have a population that uses several native languages. Now folks that live in these regions will be shown the most common languages in their country at the top of the settings menu, instead of the browser choosing it for them. Users will also be required to select a language the first time they use this updated version of the browser.

Also, this update includes an improved download manager, to which the Opera team has included “loads of improvements and tweaks” to improve the stability and speed of downloads. In addition to these big changes, Opera Mini now also comes with a QR reader, so interested users can scan all the QR codes they want without having to leave the application.

The update is now available in the Google Play Store, so head to the link attached below for the download.

Jimmy Westenberg
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