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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, at least if you were craving a OnePlus One and you somehow weren’t able to get one until now.

As part of a limited time offer, OnePlus is making its self-dubbed “flagship killer” available for sale without the need to jump through any hoops. This is the first new availability window since the Black Friday event.

Both the 16GB Silk White model and the 64GB Sandstone Black model are available, for $299 and $349 respectively. OnePlus promises that shipped orders will reach you before December 25, bar unforeseen events that could disturb shipping, outside of OnePlus’ control.

Listed in our roundup of best Android smartphones, thanks to its attractive price tag, the OnePlus One is not without controversy, with some users reporting issues like yellow-tinting and glitchy touch responsiveness, among others. But there are tons of perfectly satisfied users as well, and the device remains a top recommendation if you’re looking for a phone in the $300 price range.

To get the OnePlus One, no invite required, head over to OnePlus’ online store.

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