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OnePlus kept its word, even if the DR-1 drone it just unveiled is halfway an April’s Fool joke.

The “game changer” that OnePlus has been teasing for weeks is actually a tiny quadcopter about half the size of the OnePlus One. With a frame size of about 70mm (2.75-inch) and a weight of just 12.5 grams, the DR-1 is pretty much a toy, though you will be able to get 5-8 minutes out of flight out of it. The tiny drone comes with a similarly toy-like remote controller that “makes aerial stunts impossibly easy”.

oneplus dr-1 (2)

OnePlus put up tongue-in-cheek product pages and landing pages, and while the DR-1 is billed as an April Fool’s joke, you can actually buy one for $19.99. This is a limited-edition, “one-time offer” so if you’re interested in getting the DR-1, now is your only chance. The gizmo should ship withing 3-15 days.

Now, April’s Fool or not, we’re not sure OnePlus was wise to tease a “game changer” to its fan base. People quite reasonably expected something more substantial, with talk of a game console or at least game controller making the rounds.

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