OnePlus 7 Pro notifications are in the spotlight this week.

OnePlus has confirmed that strange notifications reported by scores of OnePlus 7 Pro users were accidentally sent during internal testing. The company revealed the error on Twitter, apologizing for the inconvenience while adding that they were investigating the issue.

OnePlus’s statement comes a short while after OnePlus 7 Pro users on reddit reported receiving a notification with Chinese characters. The characters purportedly translate to “hahaha,” sparking suggestions that it was either a throwaway test notification or the work of hackers.

Aside from the Chinese-language notification, users also reported seeing a second notification, showing random English letters. In any event, the erroneous notifications were reported by users in the likes of Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Netherlands.

It wouldn’t be the first time notifications sparked controversy in the Android space, as HTC previously drew the ire of its users by pushing out a notification ad for the Fantastic Four movie in 2015. Unlike that ill-advised ad, the OnePlus incident seems to have been simply an accident. Have you received the test notifications? Give us the details in the comments section!

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