oneplus 2 wallpapers

The OnePlus team waxed poetic about the default wallpaper on the OnePlus 2 and indeed, the image that users see when they power up their new phone for the first time can have a huge influence on the impression the device leaves. As OnePlus’ Helen put it in a blog post, the default wallpaper is a sprinkle of “fairy dust” helping bring everything together.

Now you can download the OnePlus 2 default wallpaper (Pyra) and 25 others, thanks to Oxygen OS lead designer Arz Bathia.

Bathia, whom you may know from his excellent work on the Paranoid Android project, as well as various themes for custom ROMs, put up a OnePlus 2 wallpaper download link on the company’s forums, so you can get #hyped in anticipation of the phone’s release later this month.

You can get a preview here or download the OnePlus 2 wallpaper pack from here.

For even more cool wallpapers, head over to the dedicated section on our forums, which includes wallpaper packs from most major devices.

The OnePlus 2 has certainly generated excitement among Android fans, even though the company lacks the reach and budget of bigger competitors. But OnePlus is also extremely controversial and its approach to marketing (which can be summarized nicely through its slogan #HYPEorGTFO) has earned it a ton of criticism.

Regardless of your views on the tastefulness of OnePlus’ marketing, the OnePlus 2 remains an excellent phone for its money. For more on it, check out our impressions, comparisons with the Galaxy S6 and Moto X Style, and a look at whether or not you should actually buy it.

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