oneplus 2 unboxing initial setup aa (32 of 32)

Ladies and gentlemen, the phone known in some circles as “2016 flagship killer” is now officially on sale in the US, Europe, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Sales in India will begin at 4PM IST, while sales in South East Asia will kick off at a later time.

The OnePlus 2 can now be ordered, with the big caveat that you will need an invitation for the opportunity to give OnePlus your money. Yes, love it or hate it, OnePlus is using the same invitation system as last year, though the company promised the whole process will be a lot less painful this time around.

OnePlus announced in a forum post the expected wait times by region:

  • North America and Taiwan: 10-15 business days (apparently including the delay time announced yesterday)
  • EU and Hong Kong: 3-5 business day
  • India: 5-7 business days

Invitations will be distributed to OnePlus community members, as well as lucky users on the massive waiting list “around mid-August.” But the company has already passed around a number of invites apparently. Intriguingly, a number of users on the OnePlus forums report that they have already ordered their device, ahead of the announced hour.

Only the 64GB/4GB RAM OnePlus 2 version is currently available for order, for $389 or €399. Head over to OnePlus’ website to order your device.

The OnePlus 2 has been criticized for the absence of a number of notable features – NFC and wireless charging among them – but, even with very strong competition, the device offers excellent value for money.

Our review is coming very soon, but if you have burning questions about the OnePlus 2, our AUA thread and post are the places to raise them. We’ll also have an invite giveaway soon so stay tuned for that! For a chance at a free device, check out OnePlus 2 international giveaway.

Let us know if you were able to order your OnePlus 2!