OnePlus 7T uisng in hand

Recently, OnePlus unveiled the 120Hz display that will come on the upcoming OnePlus 8. OnePlus CEO Peter Lau has now taken to Twitter to show off how future OnePlus devices will take advantage of that new high refresh rate display.

Most notably, the company has developed a custom Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) chip that will pump ordinary 30fps footage up to 120fps. This means any video content can take full advantage of OnePlus’ 120Hz display.

This is essentially frame interpolation where the new dedicated MEMC chip will create new frames to fill in the gaps between existing frames. It will effectively make all video content on OnePlus devices significantly smoother than it would be otherwise.

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One day before Lau sent out this tweet, he sent out another. This one just shows off the overall experience users can expect from OnePlus’ 120Hz display, highlighting how it makes on-screen scrolling much smoother.

Lau didn’t reveal anything new in this tweet, but it does give us a good picture of high refresh rate displays are capable of. We are excited to see what else OnePlus plans on doing with its 120Hz tech, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it via the upcoming OnePlus 8.