Quinn Nelson

A lot of users have been complaining about the Samsung Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner placement. Its position right next to the rear camera results in a lot of smudges on the lens, due to people missing the scanner with their fingers.

Quinn Nelson of YouTube channel Snazzy Labs might have found a solution, though. While replacing the back plate of his Samsung Galaxy S8, he accidentally mangled the gasket that sits between the fingerprint sensor and the phone’s internals. While trying to fit the new back on the smartphone, he replaced said gasket with some waterproof adhesive. The result of his unintentional DIY project was that the fingerprint sensor protruded a bit from the back of the phone once he was done with it.

While certainly not looking like Samsung designed it, Nelson says that the fingerprint scanner now feels more intuitive to use. According to Nelson, his finger easily finds the sensor now that it has some tactile clue to its location. We can’t know if a raised fingerprint sensor would be an improvement for us until we try it, but if it works for Quinn, it could probably work for a lot of other users as well.

Quinn Nelson

It would be quite funny if Samsung decides to incorporate a raised fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy S9 next year. Then again, some of the best inventions in history were complete flukes, so why not?

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