CES is just around the corner and some of the big names have already started their marketing juggernauts to try and build up some hype for their upcoming announcements. Yesterday ASUS teased us with two short videos about an upcoming smartphone that appears to have two camera lenses, or possibly one lens and two extra sensors of some kind. The slogan to go with the videos are, “see what others can’t see.” ASUS’ announcements are all tagged with CES2015 etc, so it is clear that the company has some big announcements coming. As well as the “see what others can’t see” phone, it seems that ASUS will also refresh the ZenFone 4.

According to a listing on the official Bluetooth website, ASUS has sent in a device for certification with the model number ZC451CG. The current ZenFone 4 model numbers are A400CG and A450CG. The latter resembles the new model number quite closely. The description given for the device is even more revealing. It says the “ZC451CG is the successor of hot selling smartphone model- ZenFone, with a 4.5″ HD (480×854) display and will be using [an] Intel dual-core processor.” Well that is pretty clear, thanks ASUS.

The Bluetooth listing also says that the phone will have a bigger battery at 2100 mAh.

All the ZenFones have Intel processors and it looks like nothing has changed there. Also the ZenFone 4 tends to use low resolution displays, 480 x 854 is slightly larger than the current 480 x 800. However the new model will have a slightly larger display, up from 4 inches to 4.5 inches. This actually means the new model will have a lower pixel density. One odd thing about the description is is says 4.5″ HD… HD? I don’t think so.

The description goes on to mention that the device will have dual cameras… but don’t even think about the teaser from yesterday, it clearly says “front and rear.” Apparently the “built-in 5M/0.3M cameras provide outstanding photo and video quality.” The Bluetooth listing also says that the phone will have a bigger battery at 2100 mAh. This is up from 1750 mAh on the A450CG and 1600 mAH on the A400CG.

So it looks like ASUS will launch at least two new smartphones at CES, probably more! Are you a ZenFone fan? Keen to see an update?