gold note 4

Too much disposable income? No problem. This gold-plated Note 4 edition can relieve you of $2,000 in an instant.

The Note 4 is already one of the most expensive Android smartphones you can buy (alligator leather-clad Vertus not included). The device starts from $700, though in many countries from around the world, the price tag is closer to $1000.

One of the color versions the Note 4 is available in is bronze gold, but if you live in Vietnam, you can get the unmistakable sheen of real gold for an extra $1100. A company called Golden Mobile plates the aluminum frame of the Note 4 with precious 24k metal, and the result is quite striking. You will need to supply your own device, bringing the total price of the extravaganza close to two grand. But our guess is, if you’re even considering gold-plating your phone, you don’t really care about the price, do you?

This, of course, isn’t the first mobile device clad in real gold. HTC released an 18k gold-plated special edition of the One (M7) in October 2013. And there are specialized companies out there that will infuse your device of choice with as much bling as you like.

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