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Each new version of Android is followed by a race to roll out the new software. Some OEMs get down to business faster than others, and Nokia is often in a good position thanks to its use of the Android One program. However, not all Nokia devices use Android One, so you might be wondering when you’ll get your turn for the update. Here’s everything you need to know about Android 11 on Nokia devices.

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Nokia Android 11 update: Which phones have already received it?

nokia 8.3 front
Tristan Rayner / Android Authority

Nokia is already a good chunk of the way through its roadmap, which you can see below. It started the Android 11 rollout back in Q4 of 2020 before kicking into higher gear to start 2021.

Nokia’s 8.3 5G and 3.2 received the Android 11 update first in Q1 2021. Then the 4.2, 2.2, 2.3, and 8.1 followed suit in the first quarter of the year. Nokia rolled around to the  3.4, 5.3, 5.4, 1 Plus, 1.4, and 2.4 in Q2 2021.

Nokia’s Android 11 roadmap

We’ve already seen most of the map above hold true, and only a few devices remain for Q3 2021. Nokia’s 6.2 and 7.2 siblings should see their update rolling down the block before too long, as should the Nokia 9 Pureview. The Nokia 1.3 sits in the Q2 section above, though it seems to be running a bit behind as it is only starting to receive the Android 11 update as of July 2021.

Nokia notes that due to the nature of update rollouts, not all customers will receive the updates immediately after launch. Additionally, not all regions will receive them simultaneously, either.

If you do not see your Nokia device in any of the sections above, there’s a good chance that you will not receive the Android 11 update. The good news is that you can always make the leap to Nokia’s newer G10 or G20 to extend your future software updates. That said, this should at least give current Nokia users a better idea of when to expect Android 11 on their devices.