Emulators, oh emulators, where would we be without you. The N64 heralded a new generation of awesome multiplayer gaming with games like GoldenEye, Mortal Kombat, MarioKart, and more. If you’re craving a chance to relive the glory days of late 90’s gaming – then you’re probably asking yourself – how are we all going to interact with my Android device? Well, thankfully, a savvy developer, Yongzh, has updated N64oid to have multiple bluetooth controller support.

Most recently, we created a comprehensive guide on how to play N64 and PSX games on your Android tablet and/or phone. The developer behind N64oid, Yongzh, had his app pulled from the Android Market for violating certain policies, but that didn’t stop him from further developing it further.

The most recent iteration of N64oid is by far the most game changing – it will offer support for multiple Bluetooth controllers, and all at the same time. Goldeneye, MarioKart, and much, much more, folks. Mobile magic!

To get things working, all you need to do is set up your controllers with Bluez IME, add them to N64oid, and from there, configure key mappings, and you’re ready to rock and roll.Combine this with full HDMI mirroring and you’re no longer limited to being hunched over your 3.7-4.5 inch of display, but can check it all out on the big screen. And yes – they’re playing it on a Samsung Galaxy S II, folks.

Any thoughts?

Download N64oid here

Darcy LaCouvee

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