While many of us are getting our fair share of hype from the launch of Google’s new Pixel phones, one man has helped remind us that even old phones can still pack a punch.

YouTube user SuperiorSandbox has just released a video nearly identical to Google’s official “Introducing Pixel” commercial, with one key difference: it highlights the Motorola Nexus 6.

In the parody, Motorola’s flagship “whale” of a device is highlighted in all of its glory (taken from the official nexus 6 commercial), spinning in slow motion just like the latest Pixel spot. This reminds us that Google keeps a very similar design language for many of its product launches, and gives a pretty comedic spin to how “new” each iteration really is. There are quite a few features present in the Nexus 6 which Google chose to not include in the new device, such as wireless charging and front facing speakers, and the video made sure to point these out.

The maker of the video also cut his own shots of the Nexus 6 in, and the result is absolutely hilarious. The high quality official renders of the device mixed in with the realistic “handy-cam” style shots is both unsuspected and comedic gold, and had quite a few of us laughing out loud.

Take a look at the video above, and make sure to leave your own thoughts below. I’m still running the Nexus 6 myself. Are you?